Knox Sports Marketing is the premier sports sponsorship negotiation, evaluation & execution agency in the U.S. for over 20 years. Our highly customized sports sponsorships produce better results for the same budget. Our total client focus (we don’t represent athletes or sports teams) means that everything we do is designed to meet your marketing needs. We invite you to consider our resume and challenge us to show you how sports marketing can be an extremely valuable part of your overall marketing mix.


We are the very best at getting the most value for our clients’ money.

Our confidence comes from our extensive experience. Sports Marketing isn’t rocket science. However, it is experiential. Traditional agencies’ use of things such as attendance figures and cost-per-thousand charts to gauge the value of athletic team inventory fall short. Value is derived from being in the trenches negotiating hundreds of sponsorship contracts every year. This is all we do. We are the very best at getting the most value for our clients’ money.

Teams will give a “value” on a sign, promotion or rights fee. It’s important to remember their objective is to meet a sales goal. Trust a company whose goals are in line with yours. Trust a company that is 100% on your side with more than a price sheet on their mind.

Trust Knox Sports!

The team at Knox Sports has experience negotiating sponsorship contracts from all angles. Not only have we been in business since 1997, but as you can see from our bios, most of our group has worked on the team side of the business – selling sponsorships. Our knowledge of how the teams value their inventory gives us an edge in negotiating your deal well below face value.


Our clients dictate the budget, and our fee structure is always inside that budget. For example, if you have a current contract or sponsorship budget of $50,000 with a sports organization, hiring Knox Sports means you will still be spending $50,000. The results will be assuredness that your contract now has the most value and goal-oriented inventory you have ever experienced.

We can renegotiate your existing sponsorship contracts or start from scratch, but your budget will not be affected by Knox Sports. Our knowledge of the negotiation process, teams’ rate card information, and out-of-the-box creativity allow us to get your company the best deal possible.

Essentially, we are free to our customers.


Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to understand the ins and outs of sponsorships across every league and sport.

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