Mission Trips

As Americans, we are fortunate to have opportunities and access to things that other places in the world simply do not. We’re incredibly lucky. We at Knox Sports like to recognize our surpluses by giving back to those that are less fortunate.


In 2007, 2009 and 2011, the Knox Sports team traveled to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In 2014, we went to Cloud Forest Region in Costa Rica and in 2016, 2018, and 2021, we returned to Honduras.

In Honduras, we partnered with a Christian organization in this impoverished capital city that has established children centered missions in three of the most challenged areas. Most kids in this country come from single parent homes and do not attend school after 10 years old. These missions use the allure of soccer to encourage wayward kids to come in.

Our small semi-annual contribution is to outfit all these 500 kids in new soccer gear, and then pick out one lasting project that our unskilled hands can contribute to. We have renovated a Children’s AIDS home, outfitted a remote school with yearly supplies, built a small indoor soccer stadium, and framed houses for  families that had lost their homes in storms or floods. All of us are looking forward to the next trip to do a small thing the best way we can…

2021 Honduras Trip

In 2021, we traveled back to Honduras where we teamed up with Point of Impact Global and continued our efforts in Tegucigalpa. During our time there, we delivered over 600 soccer uniforms to kids in four villages. We also aided in building a house for a family who lost their house in a hurricane. Knox Sports bought all the supplies, land, and help to furnish it as well.

2018 Honduras Trip

In 2018, we traveled back to Honduras where we teamed up with Point of Impact Global and continued our efforts in Tegucigalpa. During our time there, we delivered over 700 soccer uniforms to kids in four villages. We also helped build a house for a family of four,  helping to construct the walls, bathroom, and floor.


2016 Honduras Trip

In 2016, during our Honduran return, we continued our efforts for the youth in Tegucigalpa. We were able to donate over 500 uniforms to four villages throughout the city and hosted a soccer tournament for the children of these neighborhoods. Along with our youth outreach we partnered with a local community and assisted in building a new, safe home for a man and his family of five.


In 2014, we went to Costa Rica and worked at a school in the Cloud Forest region. In addition to the uniform and equipment donation, we were able to completely transform their gymnasium with paint, floor lining and installed new basketball and volleyball goals.

2011 Honduras Trip

In 2011, we had the incredible opportunity to take an abandoned building in one of the poorest inner city parts of Tegucigalpa, Honduras and transform it into an Indoor Soccer “Stadium”. Estadio Knox Sports was the result and we returned years later to watch a tournament being played on our developed site!

2009 Honduras Trip

Knox Sports is a family. The company is named after Paul’s son, and the employees here are as close as any family could be. Our family feels very privileged that we have been able to travel to Central America a few times now, and hopefully make a difference in a place that needs assistance.

2007 Honduras Trip

Our first trip to Honduras found us donating over 500 soccer uniforms, working on the construction of an AIDS house for orphans and outfitting a schoolhouse in the Honduran rain forest.

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