When Knox Sports was hired to negotiate Florida Farm Bureau’s sports marketing deals, there was a lot of waste. There was generic branding with no call to action and zero trackable promotions. Essentially, Florida Farm Bureau had no way of telling if their sports marketing investment was providing them any financial return.

Knox Sports was hired to simply make these important partnerships more effective. The results were immediate.


Drive traffic to Farm Bureau agents’ offices and gather data for future solicitation. We wanted to give the agents the opportunity for potential business. If someone walks into their office, they have the ability to look them in the eye, shake their hand, and start a relationship. We wanted to give them the ability to hand a potential customer something valuable, something memorable. Hopefully, the direct customer/agent interaction will result in data gathering and future revenue.
Give current Florida Farm Bureau customers a series of strong reasons to continue their patronage in the form of member benefits.


Knox Sports negotiated a traffic-driving program at the University of Florida. Anyone can walk into an agent’s office and get a free ticket to the Orange and Blue Spring game. Ordinarily, this is a paid ticket! 8,000 tickets have been made available for this promotion, and vouchers have been delivered to agents Statewide.
Knox Sports has implemented a membership benefits program at the University of Florida, the University of Central Florida, and Florida State University, so that Florida Farm Bureau members can get into various athletic events for free including a large number of annual and very valuable baseball games at all three schools.


The University of Florida relationship has been very successful. Approximately 7,000 tickets have been redeemed in the 2 years of the promotion giving it an almost 50% redemption rate.

Between the three university partnerships, over 3,000 tickets have been freed up to accommodate Farm Bureau members that want to attend college baseball games.

In addition to the above, we created a data capture program at each school and have accumulated over 10,000 names since the program’s inception. These names are provided to Florida Farm Bureau and used as an opportunity for new business.

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