A full-service regional bank headquartered in Columbus, OH with a network of over 950 branches operating across eight Midwestern states. Huntington has sponsorships all over their region, but no consistency of purpose or goals. Knox Sports was brought on to change this and remake their sports sponsorship execution.


In the footprint of their business, the upper Midwest, there may not be a more competitive consumer category than banking. Huntington Bank needed to create a point of difference in their key markets…The goal was to utilize their sports partnerships to expand their social media following and more specifically to close the cap between customers and followers.


Sports became the lynchpin for this marketing initiative by providing loyal customers with a valuable local sports asset that only a Huntington Bank customer can receive. Programs were specifically designed for each key Huntington market. Although each relationship was unique, each included either free tickets or unique content exclusive to account holders.
Give content…engage…give them a point of difference with their Bank.
Rolled out an affinity ticket program across collegiate sports platforms, with only Huntington followers allowed to access free tickets.
Exclusive content was provided next with the pro franchises with the Indianapolis Colts and Columbus Blue Jackets.


Facebook likes in year two of the initiative went from 10,000 to 61,000 in one quarter. In Year three of the program, an additional 30,000 followers were added with over 400,000 customers were reached.

Engagement included over 2,200 comments and 1,000 shares in one Q3 month when the ticketing and content programs were initiated in year three.

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