Based in Lansing, IL, Land O’ Frost is a family run national corporation that was looking to brand their product across the country targeting a very specific demographic. When Knox Sports was chosen to partner with them, they were the 8th largest in their category and they had no branding recognition, even in strong penetration markets.


Land O’ Frost wanted to:
Reach their targeted demographic through youth sports
Sponsor recreational teams in specific markets where their grocery penetration was strongest.
Wanted their logo on team jerseys for kids in the age range of 4-10.


In 2001, Knox Sports created and began to execute what would become the most comprehensive grassroots youth sports marketing platform ever established in the US. We started in 11 cities across the country, sponsoring multiple teams within an organization in the age bracket of 4-10 and sponsoring several organizations in each market. In the 1st year we ended up sponsoring over 1,500 total teams. The program has continued year after year sponsoring recreational teams in the markets Land O’ Frost has chosen. Currently, this program takes place in 27 cities across the country and they sponsor over 12,000 teams!
What separated this marketing effort from other youth sports initiatives was that this was not a one-time broad brush sponsorship. Knox Sports sends its team out to the actual fields every year to meet with these partner leagues and make sure that the partnership is a mutual success. The money paid to these leagues goes directly to their individual league bottom lines with no National Organizational overhead taking a percentage.


Over the course of this program Land O’ Frost has jumped to 3rd in lunch meat sales in the US. Their tremendous goodwill gesture has built internal loyalty across all of the almost 350 youth organizations that they sponsor with this family organization.

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