Virginia529 came to Knox Sports with two goals to achieve. First, they wanted to grow their core business by adding new account holders in Virginia, and secondly they wanted to find ways to reward their current customers.


Virginia529 College Savings Plans aims to reach young families with college bound kids, so partnering with Universities was an obvious answer. Our client wanted to expand their brand awareness of their savings plans. Knox Sports created multifaceted partnerships with schools across their footprint to accomplish their objectives. Virginia Tech looked to focus on new growing families by introducing a Diaper Derby to bring in new leads and expand our brand awareness in the region.


The normally in-game promotion was forced online in 2020 due to COVID-19. Parents could sign their kids up for a chance to participate in an online Diaper Derby and win a $529 scholarship fund. Four contestants were then selected to participate in the virtual race.  The public voted on who should be the winner, increasing engagement and brand awareness for our client. Using the online votes and engagement, a video was created showing the race and the winner.


Virginia529 can attest to the power of success of using Knox Sports to achieve corporate goals through athletics sponsorship! This single promotional event was able to generate over unique 2,000 leads for Virginia529 in the midst of a pandemic!
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