Integrating Videoboards into Sports

Integrating Videoboards into Sports

The use and integration of video boards across the sports world have changed many aspects of the industry. Years ago, there were much simpler ways to integrate sponsorship into sports, such as short 30-second spots and permanent signage around a stadium.

In recent years, the usage of LED video boards and ribbons has increased and created a competition that might have been unforeseen. Fred Doremus, who spent 20 years for the most prominent video board manufacturer in the US, Daktronics, joined us as we dive deeper into what the video board industry looked like.

Doremus noted how the use of LED video boards opened up the opportunity to become more creative in the way companies and sports teams can promote sponsorships.

They also create more revenue, as they have multiple companies paying for a spot on the ribbon or board, and then they rotate the messages or sponsors on the boards throughout the games.

Doremus also mentioned how the ability to change sponsors and messages brings greater value because the sum is greater than the whole, meaning more money is out there to be made with LED video boards and ribbons all around stadiums.

The sports marketing industry had to change with the technology and become more creative because as Paul Sickmon stated,

“People can sit and watch their video board size TVs at their own home on the couch, and if they can do that they won’t come to the stadium”.

This forced changes to be made because fans wouldn’t want to pay the ticket prices or fees if the team didn’t have up-to-date technology.

Some way that the University of Tennessee has become more creative was to input LED signs on the sidelines and behind the goalposts. This allows for more eyes to constantly see these signs whether on TV or at the stadium and for more companies to have a spot on those boards.

Once schools all around the country began implementing these boards into their athletic fields and programs, competition arose between schools, especially conference rivals. Doremus mentioned that programs want to show people, especially recruits, that they have the best equipment, facilities, and more. 

Overall, implementing video boards in college sports has had a far-reaching impact on both the sports marketing industry and a school’s ability to recruit as well.


To learn more about the integration of video boards into Sports Marketing, listen here. 


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