Sports and social media are both in the field of testing new features and continuing to branch out in innovative ways to reach new groups of people. Social media advertising is continuously growing in today's society and Facebook is, as always, in the front-running for bringing new and innovative ways to reach the public and drive engagement across its platform. This time, Facebook is testing watching live sports on social platforms. 

Sports has a huge fan base that continues to grow as they continue to find new, unique, engaging ways to capture the fan's attention. From new platforms, promotions, and channels, they stop at nothing to pave the way for their fan base.

So, it’s no surprise that there is talk of Facebook testing out a new platform in which groups can watch sports videos through Messenger.

This feature would allow sports fans to watch live sports together on the social platform itself. It would provide sports fans with another option besides cable to access their favorite games.

Steaming has become huge in today's “I want to access it at my fingertips” society. The option to bring streaming the game to your social platforms is just another win for viewers.

According to, 78%  of “intense” sports fans said they would pay more for online streaming than for traditional TV.  

We already have a lot of questions about this idea. Will you have to pay for the streaming services? Will all sports be shown or just certain partners of Facebook's new service? Will all games be available? Will it only be available on the app or can you access it through the online version of Facebook Messenger? 

Though we have lots of questions, we don’t know much about the feature itself yet. However,  according to, there is an “internal test” of the feature underway. 

As it develops, we’re sure Facebook will release more information about it. If the feature does come into play, I’m sure it will be an instant hit! It will certainly be one that we’re excited for.

Do you prefer to stream sports and watch on different platforms or watch games on cable? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!  ⬇️