With streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix, the number of people watching live T.V. has gone down drastically. Good television ratings are just a thing of the past. Or are they?  According to the ratings, people still watch live sports. 

According to Vulture.com, “... the early projections from one network research source suggest CBS and ABC will end up being down about  25 percent among adults under 50.”

The exception to this rule is sports. Sports is the one thing that viewers still consume live.

According to Sports Media Watch, “Saturday’s Alabama-Georgia SEC Championship Game earned a 10.5 overnight rating on CBS, up to 25% from Georgia-Auburn last year (8.4), up to 50% from Alabama-Florida in 2016 (7.0), and the highest game since 2009. (Alabama-Florida:11.8). The previous high was a 10.0 for Alabama-Georgia in 2012.”

Though not all of the viewers watch sports on an actual television, some stream them on online platforms such as YouTube TV, or HULU. Regardless of what platform they watch them on, sports is still being consumed live in large numbers and sports ratings are among the highest ratings for television.

Why are sports the only thing containing decent ratings?

The viewers want to know what is happening at all times. During the game, on commercial breaks, and before and after. They want to see the plays live, not hear about them on Twitter. No spoiler alerts, please!

While many other shows are available for streaming purposes online - sports fans want to see the game live. Not all streaming platforms support live games and those that do don't offer all games. Which forces many fans to watch the games on Television.  

Fans still use a variety of platforms to gain additional access to help enhance their fan experience. From Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and podcasts. Social platforms are used so fans can continuously engage even further with their favorite sports teams and players, outside of the game.

Facebook is trying to add a new live sports feature and that could put a damper on TV ratings. But for now, television and social media continue to work hand-in-hand to give the fans full access without losing ratings for TV markets.

 The media is ever-changing, but sports fans are the one thing that stays consistent.