Contract Negotiation

Every client is unique and we work to understand the marketing objectives of our clients and utilize sports marketing tools to reach these objectives.


Our clients rely on our company for several reasons. However, contract negotiation is the main reason why a company will bring us on board. Sports is all we do and what we love, and this passion for sports translates to excellence in sponsorship negotiation.



We know the value of package items within sponsorships. Our experience and creativity in negotiating literally hundreds of contracts just like yours make us uniquely qualified to get your company a better deal than you or a traditional agency could ever hope to achieve.


We do all of the time-intensive legwork involved in the negotiation process. Our client is still the ultimate decision maker and will continue to reap all the personal perks and rewards of being the main contact, but the pain of the process is taken away.


Results & Measurement

We will help our clients develop a methodology for tracking sponsorship results. It is imperative that we find a mutual way to measure how this sponsorship is working to achieve our preset goals.

Once you’ve hired Knox Sports, you will go through a 5-step process.

Step 1

We will sit down with your company to learn all about your business, marketing goals, target demographic, and establish a reasonable budget.

Step 2

We will then come up with a tailor-made sports marketing plan that fits your needs for review.

Step 3

We then hit the road and negotiate the best sponsorship package(s) possible, keeping you updated along the way.

Step 4

Once we have settled on the perfect sponsorship package for your company, we will schedule a time to present the sponsorship package(s) for review, and make any necessary changes.

Step 5

Once the contracts are executed we provide our client with an execution summary detailing all of the elements in the agreement along with our expert advice on how to maximize each of the sponsorship elements.

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