Logistics and Execution

After the deal is signed comes the hard part…making sure it is executed to accomplish all your goals. Get a team to help. A team like Knox Sports.

Logistics and Execution

After the deal is signed, Knox Sports stays with you all season long to make sure expectations and goals are exceeded.

Knox Sports is not your typical agency that fades away after the deal is negotiated. In fact, that is when we are typically needed the most. Sports organizations are inherently lazy. If left unchecked, they will do the least amount possible, until a renewal is on the table.

Knox Sports is with our corporate clients every day of the year talking to your partner organizations and ensuring that they are not only staying on task but are actively working to achieve your goals. This is specifically where a great sports marketing partner like Knox Sports makes a huge difference. If pushed, sports organizations will move mountains outside of any current contract to achieve mutual goals. It is the pushing that is the hard part, and Knox Sports is there to do just that…

Social Media

Social media today has a lasting impact that can drastically change the effectiveness of any sponsorship contract. On average, athletic organizations have upwards of 500,000 interactive users. If you pair that large, passionate following with the power of paid media, the reach of your brand and message is unstoppable. During the negotiation process of your contract, we are adamant about the inclusion of social media. Without it today, most promotions have no chance of success.

Knox Sports has a social media team of staff to ensure that your partner sports organization is on task!

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