The Death of Radio is Greatly Exaggerated

The Death of Radio is Greatly Exaggerated

Is Radio dead? Back when television and social media weren’t the main sources of consumption for sports there were only radio broadcasts. Sometimes, people wouldn’t even be able to listen to their favorite teams because the broadcast didn’t reach them. Since the introduction of television, streaming, and social media there has been a complete evolution in how fans can watch or listen to their favorite teams. This has led many people to believe that the radio is dead.

Paul Sickmon states, “Streaming has changed everything.”

However, even though the amount of options has increased, certain markets and schools still maintain steady radio numbers. This is because radio still holds its unique position in the realm of sports entertainment. Radio allows for in-the-moment play-by-play commentary, live post-game, and pregame interviews, and player-to-fan interactions. Many fans still find the value in enjoying their day and listening to a radio broadcast rather than watching it. The passion that can be heard in commentators’ voices as they react and explain a moment allows fans to use their imagination to see what they think looks like is happening. 

Unlike streaming and television, there is usually only one radio station that fans can listen to for their teams. This increases the importance of using radio broadcasts in a sponsorship deal. 

Bradon Parks states, “There is still only one radio station where fans can listen to their school’s sports.”

Several schools have started to use social media to promote their radio stations as well. Doing this allows for more engagement. The ability to use innovative ideas such as promoting radio broadcasts with social media is helping several schools achieve their sponsor goals. 

All in all, radio is not dead. With the introduction of newer platforms and more engaging ways to consume sports media, radio has started to evolve. However, it still remains to be one of the easiest possible ways to stay in touch with a sporting event. With the creation of radio apps, broadcasts still are receiving high numbers of engagement. 

As long as schools can stay creative and find ways to drive their fans to radio broadcasts, then their sponsor goals will be met. 

The best way to use radio broadcasts moving forward is to partner it with the newer platforms and to use them together to be as innovative as possible. Doing this will usually lead to success. 

To learn more about the exaggeration of the death of radio, listen to the full episode on our podcast, here. 

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