Tips + Tricks To Being Productive While Working From Home!

Tips + Tricks To Being Productive While Working From Home!

With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly, many companies are having their employees work from home in hopes to flatten the curve + stop the spread of the virus. With this comes a new set of challenges. Working from home is a big change and you can find yourself getting distracted easily. Our employee Erin, works remotely from Houston full-time and is sharing some tips + tricks on how to stay productive at home! 

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1. Create a workspace –  Find an area of your house that is quiet and limits distractions. Make sure you have room to spread out your computer and any files you may have, as well as your coffee! Situating yourself on the couch or in your bed will only want to make you nap. The first step to being productive is working in a workspace that is right for you.





2. Limit Distractions – During your work hours, make sure to limit distractions. This can be T.V., Video Games, or even turning your phone off during work hours. Just because you are at home, does not mean you can treat it like a chill day at home.

3. Take your full lunch break – Just because you are home, does not mean breaks are not equally important. Sometimes stepping away for a few minutes can make you more productive. It gives your mind a break, gets the creative juices flowing, and helps you to be more focused when you come back. Take your full lunch break, take a stretch break in the afternoon. You’ll be surprised how refreshed and focused you will feel. 

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4. The right mindset – Start each day with the mindset to get stuff done. Wake up at the same time, get dressed and ready, pour that cup of coffee + get to work! Make a to-do list and set a list of goals for what you want to accomplish each day. 





5. Stick to a schedule – Just because you are out of the office does not mean schedules are not important. Keep the same hours you work. Take your lunch break at the same time. Not only will this help you be more productive, but it will make the transition back to the office easier after all of this mess is over. 


We hope these tips help you to be more productive while working from home. What do you find helpful when it comes to being productive working from home? Let us know in the comments below! 

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