TV Programming and Summer Promotions

TV Programming and Summer Promotions

Originally when TV programming for sports was created it was used for the sole purpose of televising games. With fans becoming more engaged with their teams over the years, televised shows and social promotions have enabled a more enhanced fan experience. 

 As the sporting industry has grown with the evolution of television there has been an immense increase in programming content. When teams first began to televise programs other than the games itself there was a lack of interest as these shows were boring and wouldn’t grab the viewer’s attention. This has quickly changed over the last few decades as conference networks, player features, and game analysis programs have allowed for more engaging content that fans enjoy watching. 

Conference networks have been good overall for the rising popularity of college sports, but they don’t have the ability to go as in-depth as fans would like. 

Brandon Parks states, “Conference networks don’t dive into the level that an institution can” 

Since fans are so interested in the behind-the-scenes action that is involved with an institution’s players, there is huge potential for several hours of tv content that can be produced. If a school can be creative and find the manpower to film, edit, and refine programs on individual players and coaches then the possibility for success is high. 

Overall, for television programming, it seems that it is a race between schools and networks to see who can produce the most high-quality content that will allow for exposure. This exposure will lead to more players potentially looking to play for that school, helping the recruiting office. 

Summer promotions are another example of smaller ways to increase fan engagement. While it may not seem important to be putting in effort during the months of June and July, it can help for the success of a sponsorship deal before the football season has even begun. A great time to start putting content out for fans to engage with is as soon as the players arrive for training camp. The buildup that begins to grow as the week progress can be used to help a school engage its fans in ways they may not know of. 

Parks states, “The Summer is a great time for a digital content/for partners that want to be involved in digital content”

Summer is also a great time to host promotions as well. Small promotions like summer contests and family-related promotions still generate high levels of engagement. It will bring in tons of eyes as thier is less competition in sponsored posts and fans are missing their team. This can help an organization ensure that its fall season will be strong before it has even begun. 

To read more about how tv programming and summer promotions can enhance your sports sponsorship deals or listen to the podcast version, here.

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