When will fans feel safe in stands again?

When will fans feel safe in stands again?

We all miss sports and we all know they are slowly working their way back to the “new normalcy” of this post COVID-19 world. As sports start to return, many are asking what their return will look like. What protocols will be put into place? How long will the season be? How many people will be allowed to be in the stadium? But maybe the most important question is: when will fans feel safe in stadiums again?

Personally, I want to go to games. I want to be able to eat popcorn in the stands and cheer with my friends. However, I want to go to games and I know that I am safe. That’s what I am paying for after all, right? To be able to attend again and have fun and not fear for my safety.

Having to wonder who around me could potentially be sick. Worrying about the kid coughing in the row in front of me. Is it Covid-19 or just allergies? The guy who handed me my popcorn, what if he has symptoms and does not know it?

I don’t want an anxiety riddled experience. I want protocols and precautions put into place that ensure my safety. I want to know I can attend a game and not be worried.

All stadium personnel should be wearing masks. The person handling my food and beverages need to be wearing gloves. I am in a crowd, but do not want to feel crowded…in the hallways, in my seat, or in the bathrooms. I want hand sanitizer stations everywhere. I just want to be able to enjoy what I have loved all my life and crave for…live sports…that is my new and old normal.

While I understand that we are in a better place than a few months ago and cases are down, I also know that this virus is easily spread. I don’t want to be on the couch looking at fanless facilities, but recklessly walking into a petrie dish is not the answer either.

I think if teams and stadiums have a set of strictly enforced protocols that are set in place, I will be fine attending. I just don’t want them to ease back into normalcy too fast. I think they need to put these precautions into place until the number of cases is almost gone or a vaccine is available to the public.

I understand the importance of having fans back in the stands, and I miss being there, I really do. But I am not willing to needlessly risk my health for it.

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