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Why should my business consider sports marketing?

Sports marketing is a powerful and effective method to capitalize on the passion that fans have for their school or team.  When fans positively associate your logo or company with their favorite team or school, you increase the probability of building not only brand awareness but, more important, brand loyalty. This loyalty drives an action which helps drive your business!

Can I afford sports sponsorships?

It is never about how much you spend, but more about what are your measurable goals and objectives and then marrying that with a practical budget.

We have had numerous examples of clients that did not have enough money to execute a “traditional” marketing plan – radio, tv, print, digital and turned to us because sports was, in fact, the only affordable option that could generate a return…

Why should I choose Knox Sports over other sports marketing agencies?

You know you can trust Knox Sports because we only work for you. Not many agencies eschew athlete / team consultation to just represent their corporate clients.

Knox Sports has 20 years in business and its principals have all worked on the team side of the business. Experience and integrity define the company.

Why can’t I do this on my own?

You could, but why not know that you got the very best deal possible and not have it cost you any more money.

It is tough to operate in a vacuum of knowledge. When all you know is your local market, your experience with a few teams or what those clubs tell you. It is smarter to hire experts who have done hundreds of these deals before, truly know the value of what is being presented – and more importantly can ask for things you never considered to make your deal great.

How do you charge for your services?

What makes Knox Sports so special and easy for our clients to love is that we are essentially a turnkey free service. Whatever the budget, our 10% commission is inside of it – not an add-on. We don’t charge for our time, travel and all the work we do 365 days a year to make sure that these contracts are the best they can be.

So the easiest way to describe it is that sponsorship contract you have now with your local University that you are just ok with at $50,000.  Well, let Knox Sports negotiate that deal, and not only will you get way more than you ever imagined from the relationship, but it will cost you the same or less than you are spending now.

Hiring Knox Sports is basically hiring an entire year-round sports marketing department for no additional money.

Do you represent athletes or sports teams?

At Knox Sports, we made a conscious decision very early on that our clients could not truly trust us if they knew we also represented teams or athletes. They needed to know that we work for them 100% of the time.

So the answer of do we represent teams, events or athletes is a resounding No. We represent our clients and have no conflict of interest in achieving their goals. You should make it a point to ask your sports agency if they do any work for athletes, events or teams before making your decision about representing your brand.

Should my company work with college or professional teams?

What do the fans in your area and your demographic care about? There is your answer.

If the choice is not so obvious, then the decision gets a little more difficult. The strength of sponsoring collegiate sports is the fan avidity and expense. When a college football team does not perform to fans expectations, the basketball team is coming up next and they struggle, gymnastics or baseball is still coming. And if every sport on the calendar is having a tough year, well…you are probably alumni so you are not going anywhere.

Collegiate sports are also inherently less expensive than pro sports for most sponsors to partner with. Regional by nature, college sports are intensely focused on their fanbase across multiple sports with a huge variety of media but without television and huge IP rights fees can be bought for a fraction of what most professional teams ask.

How is sports marketing different from traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing measures spots and dots and sports marketing – if done well – measures real results for your company. Driving traffic to your location and having these passionate fans take action with your product.

Stop measuring impressions and move into a realm of real results.

How can you help me if I am already under contract with a team?

That is absolutely the best time to hire Knox Sports. A baseline has been set, and now is the time to improve that team partnership. Knox Sports will handle the rigors of the negotiation process while you are free to step back and give big picture direction and focus on the achievable and measurable goals for this new deal.

If I hire you, will my existing team relationship be affected?

Yes, but in a positive way.  In fact, we do not have a client relationship that has not improved with their partner team after our involvement. Negotiating sports sponsorship contracts can be tough, exhausting and even contentious at times.  With Knox Sports focusing on the time-intensive legwork involved in the negotiation process, the client is able to focus on the personal side of the relationship and continue to enjoy the benefits and advantages of being a sponsor of that team or school.

What are realistic goals for my sports sponsorship?

Your goals should be based on your expectations for the sponsorship.  They should be consistent with what you would expect outside of sports to drive your business forward. For a partnership to truly succeed the goals must be well-defined and the school or team must be in tune with those goals and guide the partnership to achieve them.

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