There are four main phases an International Sports Organization can expect from a strategic consulting agreement with Knox Sports Marketing.

During the whole process, Knox Sports Marketing will be available to answer your questions and help you along the sponsorship sales and negotiation process!

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Knox Sports Marketing will meet and spend time with your organization, learn about your past successes and failures, and hear about your future revenue hopes and goals. We will learn about your current sponsorship inventory while searching for new and creative items that your organization could add to their portfolio.

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Once the evaluation is complete, Knox Sports Marketing will head back home to create a plan that best fits your organization. During this phase, we will begin to outline creative sponsorship inventory within your budget that works with your potential sports partners in the footprint. Once we have the comprehensive revenue or negotiation and execution plan in order we will head back to meet with your organization.

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During this phase, Knox Sports Marketing will teach your team the best way to sell sports sponsorships if applicable, or we will finalize the sponsorship negotiation. The hope is that we can arm your staff with the tools necessary to move forward and achieve your goals in as independent a manner as possible.



After giving your sports organization some time to work through everything we have laid out for our client, we will come back and give our final recommendations for success, and execute any details as requested.

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