The Hashtag Sports Conference: Year Two

Posted on July 8, 2019

This past week our social media manager, Morgan, went to the Hashtag Sports Conference in New York City. After attending the conference for the second year, she wanted to share some tips and tricks that she took from the conference: Social timing is almost bigger than researching what will perform well.  Although scary, being timely…

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Influential Women in Sports

Posted on March 27, 2019

March is International Women’s Month. It’s a time we can reflect on the strong, kind-hearted, hard-working women in sports. There are so many female athletes who paved the way for the sports industry. Sports is one area where women are still the minority, but they shouldn’t be. According to Livestream, 80 percent of women consider…

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Why Don’t Women’s Sports Get The Same Coverage As Mens?

Posted on March 27, 2018

2017 was a big year for feminism. Numerous people took a stand for women being treated like equals, but if I’m being honest, we still have a long way to go and need to come together to support women’s sports.  It’s no secret that women’s sports are not watched or supported as much as men’s…

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