My name is Emma Stewart and I am the Knox Sports spring intern! I am a sophomore at the University of Tampa on track to graduate in May of 2026 with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Sport Management. I grew up in Fishers, Indiana, where I still go back during summer and winter breaks. 

Growing up playing sports and being around the sports world gave me a look into a possible future that I knew that I wanted to be a part of.  In my free time outside of class, I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the beach, walking on Bayshore, and watching sports, especially football and hockey. Luckily my roommates love sports as much as I do, and we usually have football or some sport on our TV while doing homework. Being from Indiana, I am a Colts fan, but disappointed in them since they haven’t performed that well in recent years. However, nothing compares to my love for Notre Dame.  I am a huge Notre Dame football fan and love attending South Bend games. I even got to go on the field at Notre Dame football game. As for Tampa sports, I have started to follow the Bucs more than I did when I lived in Indiana. But that is mostly because I am down here for school.  I have also become a huge Bolts fan and love going to Lightning games.  

After I graduate, I am interested in working with professional football and hockey teams in developing their marketing world into a bigger scene, managing social media accounts, organizing events, and collaborating with sponsors. Even though the goal that I have for my future is not set in stone yet, I hope that I can work with people in this field who are passionate about their jobs. I am very grateful to have two loving parents who have supported my career decisions and what I hope to do in the future. I am very excited to be an intern with Knox Sports where I can improve my knowledge about the sports world as well as continue to learn about the sports marketing industry.  


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