Meet our summer intern!

Meet our summer intern!

My name is Kol Lewis and I am a senior at the University of Tampa. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sport Management with a minor in Communications. By pursuing the Sport Management route, my ultimate goal is to work within a Sport Strategy & Administration department for a professional sport organization.

I’ve always been passionate about sports. Since the age of 8, I have been playing basketball, soccer, and golf, increasing my love for each sport year-by-year. I was even able to play all three sports during high-school. As my love for these sports grew, I began to understand how valuable sports can be to children and adults. They teach life lessons both on and off the field. My deep rooted love for spots and seeing what a positive impact they have on people drove me towards pursuing a degree in sport management when it was time to attend a university. 

I grew up in a small suburban town called Mamaroneck, not too far from NYC. Back at home, I lived with my sister, parents and my grandmother. Being from New York, I hold a lot of love for their sports teams. The New York Knicks, New York Jets, New York Mets, and Liverpool FC all hold a special place in my heart. Life as a New York sports fan has its ups and downs, but definitely more downs. In my lifetime, I have only seen one championship appearance from my favorite sports teams. But that’s what being a true sports fan is about, loving your team through the ups and downs!

In my free time I still try to play sports.  I love to play basketball and golf for fun with friends as a way to unwind. I also enjoy a getting a cardio workout in. Since moving to Tampa, I have picked up fishing as a new hobby too. i

 I am so appreciative of the Knox Sports team for bringing me on board this summer and can’t wait to learn the ins-and-outs of sport partnerships. Being that I want to end up working for a professional sport organization in the long run, I am excited to learn how business is done on the other side of sports. 

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