When people think about sports and sponsorships they usually think of the big multi-million dollar deals. Yes, these deals do make up for the majority of those that occur in sports, but not all of them. Small sports sponsorship deals still occurs everywhere for companies that may not be able to pay millions of dollars. These sponsorships usually come up at schools that are in smaller towns. 

However, while these sponsorships may not be for as much money they usually represent a higher percentage of the company's money. Therefore, the deal that you have with these clients is almost a make or break for their company.

Paul Sickmon states, “The smaller the dollar, the louder the holler.”

What he means by this is that smaller companies will usually check in more for updates on their sponsorship deals. Being in touch with companies' goals and achieving them can easily be the make or break for a renewal.

Usually, small companies want to do sponsorships for one of three reasons. First, to drive traffic to their business. Companies that are in small towns need traffic in their stores to continue to survive. Coming up with unique promotions that will bring customers to the store or restaurant is key. 

The second reason for sponsorship is to use a school to entertain people. These are usually events that occur once or twice. Therefore, it is essential that personal investments are made for this and the results are almost perfect. For most of these companies, this event is a way for them to seem bigger than they may be which can be a make or break in some circumstances.

Another benefit of a sports sponsorship is that it can elevate the brand. Using surveys or other promotions that show numerical results is the best for these companies. If they can see that their product is being used by more people, then you have done your job. 

Working with smaller companies is in some ways more fun than bigger companies. This is because with small companies both parties must be heavily invested. 

The best way to work with small company clients is aggressive and consistent check-ins. Since these companies are spending such a high percentage of their money on a deal with you there must be a lot of updates so everyone knows everything. 

Over the years many have found that staying away from sports such as football and basketball has led to more success with small company deals. Looking into Olympic sports, baseball, lacrosse, and others can produce the same results with less money spent. 

Whatever route you decide to go with your small sponsorship, the most important aspect is seeing results. The amount of importance that results in the hold to smaller companies can make or break for their financial stability. 

Brandon Parks states, “If we can’t show results, then these companies will move on and try to find someone else.”

Overall, being as proactive as possible is the best way to work with small sponsorships. If you can agree on a set amount of goals with a client then the rest of the work is to implement ways to achieve them. 

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