Cold calling is one thing, but at some point, you have to close the deal. 

What is the path to closing the deal? How do I know how to structure things in a pitch? What are some things I should keep in mind when giving a pitch? We break it down below. 

First things first, how are you going to meet with your potential client? With new technology booming, and the boom of tech due to COVID, platforms like Zoom have become more and more popular. But how does Zoom compare to face-to-face meetings? Has Zoom closed the gap? 

Zoom has a role in todays world. It gives a fantastic way to have check-in calls and work things through in meetings. All in all it provide excellent flexibility for meetings. But for creating a relationship and giving presentations, face-to-face meetings are still the best way to go. Especially when you’re establishing a relationship with that client. You want it to be personal. Getting to know someone in person is far more personal and deeper than over the phone or a platform like Zoom. 

Figuring out how to structure the presentation is crucial. Especially, when it comes to where to put the sponsorship cost. Should it come first or last? How do you decide where to put it? 

This can be figured out by a case-by-case scenario. Knowing your client and their goals is important when it comes to this step. Each pitch should be directed towards that client. So, if you want to show the client everything they will get and then drop the number, do it that way. If you want to peel the band-aid off first thing and then end by showing them everything they will get for that number. This is where knowing your client comes in handy. To be able to present it to them in a manner that will best be received is huge. 

There are also numerous things to keep in mind when we are presenting a pitch. It is crucial that you don’t just read the slides verbatim. Let your passion and excitement for this deal shine through. Summarize and embellish. Never just read the slides. You want to sell it, not recite it. 

Another popular question is this: do you give the client the deck prior to the pitch or do you wait to show them everything during the pitch? If you do, how far before the pitch do you send it to them? 

The best way to do this is to send it to them in enough time that they can view it, but not completely pick it apart beforehand. Brandon Parks from the Tennessee Vols and our Knox Talk co-host, recommends sending it out 1-2 hours before the pitch. 

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