As the world slowly starts to roll into this new normalcy of a post-Coronavirus world, sports are beginning to open back up. College sports are good to go with fewer fans in the stands, NASCAR and UFC have already held matches and events. The NBA is coming to Disney. Yet, MLB is still a heaping mess of self-centeredness with no start date in sight. So, what does the future hold for MLB?

 Why is the MLB lagging to jump back into action? Simple. Neither side wants to compromise. Both owners and players want to play as many games as possible, but none want to cave on their ‘demands’ in order to make this possible. 

 The real loser in this mess: the fans. 

Players don’t want prorated pay for the games they play. They want to be paid in full for the remainder of the season, especially after being told at one point that they would still get their full salary. But things change. Especially in this unprecedented time. Covid-19 has been completely unpredictable and things are changing for everyone. Understand and adapt. 

The owners insist that with no fans, it is not possible to pay the players their full salary for the games they play once the season starts. The owners obviously need to mitigate their losses, but they also need to see the big picture. Without full attendance or any attendance, it is better to make something than nothing. Every week that goes by hemorrhages fans and corporate support.  

Fans want to see their favorite baseball team back in action. However, right now the takeaway for both fans and sponsors is that the owners and players cared more about making money than their interests. Baseball took a hit in 1994 when they missed a season due to strikes, and it took them years to recover and regain their fanbase to what they are now. A repeat and would be disastrous. 

It seems that everyone is making sacrifices at this time, except the MLB. Every other sports organization has made a decision and has announced a plan to move forward to some degree. They’ve put the fans and sport above their own monetary gains. That's what the MLB needs to do. Now is not the time to be greedy, MLB.