My name is DJ Reardon and I am the fall intern at Knox Sports Marketing. I am from Downingtown Pennsylvania, which is a suburb outside of Philadelphia. I am a diehard Philly sports fan, with the Phillies and 76ers being my favorite teams to watch. Ever since I was young, my family has always vacationed in various different parts of Florida, so naturally, I wanted to start a life for myself down here. I ended up applying to the University of Tampa not knowing too much about it, but I instantly fell in love with the campus and surrounding area from the second I visited. I have made a lot of great friends and relationships since I came down here, which I hope will last a long time. I am currently a senior at the University of Tampa and I am going for a degree in Sport Management, while also pursuing a minor in Business Administration.

I’m unsure of where I want to end up after graduation, but I have come to enjoy the marketing side of sports since learning more about it in some of my classes. I am very thankful that the opportunity with Knox Sports has played out, as this is a side of sports that I have come to enjoy. Even though I don’t exactly know where I want to end up post-graduation, I have always wanted to work with the Phillies organization, and since they have a minor league not too far away in Clearwater, hopefully, I can find myself working for them in the future. 

In my free time, I usually find myself hanging out with my girlfriend or a group of friends. I try to stay active when I have downtime, but when I want to relax, I usually end up watching sports. Sports have always been a cornerstone of my life growing up, so I’ll always find a game to watch almost every day of the week. On the weekends, I love either going to the beach or Disney to have a little “escape” from my everyday week before returning back to school and work.

Overall, I am very grateful and excited to intern with Knox Sports Marketing. I can’t wait to begin building relationships and my knowledge in the marketing side of the sport, and I am very thankful to gain experience at an organization such as this one!