Exploring High School Sponsorships

Exploring High School Sponsorships

Finding the perfect partnership within sports is very fluid. When people think of sports sponsorships, they think of pro and college deals. However, youth and high school sport sponsorships are growing in popularity as the perfect partner for many. Today, we dive into the ins and outs of high school sports sponsorships.

Right now it seems as though high school sponsorships are at the state that college sports were about 20 years ago. Signage is growing in prevalence at major high school events but many don’t see the potential that long-term sponsorships could have for schools and local companies. It’s important to educate clients on this upcoming market as this has been mostly untouched. There’s a different audience and different dollars in the high school sports realm. 

In order to reach out to high schools for sponsor deals, one must first talk with state associates. Once a relationship is made with these associates then schools can be contacted. 

Derek Scott states, “Most schools are pretty open to a conversation.”

The biggest piece of growth that high school sports have right now for sponsors is in the regular season. The potential for gameday events similar to what we see at colleges can be achieved through sponsorships for high school sports. 

Another huge reason that high school sports have the chance for such a high revenue level is due to parent involvement. Scott discusses how most parents love to support their child’s activity on the field. If a sponsorship can engage parents and market to the correct demographics, then the chance for success is high.

A great way that we see engaging parents in sports now is through merchandise. Having this at highschool sporting events is an untapped area in the high school sport market that parents are always involved in. 

Scott states, “Every kid that competes in an individual state championship comes away with a t-shirt with a full list of competitors on the back…” 

The best thing that companies can do right now to ensure that the future of high school sponsorships is monetized is to educate. Educating schools on how these partnerships can benefit them and their community is a big part of the battle. Once this is done then there are several avenues that can be taken within high schools that will allow for profitable sponsorships in all of their sports.

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