Fans are cheering. Faces are glued to TV screens every Sunday. Tailgates are in full swing. Stands are packed. Football is back and we are celebrating by sharing some of our favorite football promotions! 

Teams have been in preparation. Training days, workouts, and practice games all led up to the kick-off of football season. But how have marketing teams prepped for the 2019 football season? We took the liberty of highlighting some of the cream-of-the-crop promotions and ads of how teams and marketing teams started the season off. 

1. The University of Tennessee honored an elementary student who was bullied for creating his own Tennessee shirt for a spirit day at his elementary school. When Tennessee found out about the incident, not only did they send him a care package of Tennessee gear, but they also made his homemade shirt with a new UT logo and made it available for purchase in the student store. All proceeds went to an anti-bullying organization. It sold out almost immediately. The school’s band also wore that shirt instead of their normal uniform at the game. This heart-warming story made news everywhere. Not only did it make for a great marketing opportunity, but more importantly it was a story filled with great love. Go Vols!

2. The Dallas Cowboys debuted some incredible technology to help kick off their season. They offered a photo booth in the stadium in which could take a photo and through AI, players pose with them. It makes it look like fans and players were posing together and hanging out before the game. Fans can then email themselves the photo. It has obviously been a hit and thrillingly showcases how technology and sports go hand-in-hand. Keep staying ahead of the game Cowboys! You’re killin’ it!

3. The ‘Browns football team made a remake of the “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” intro song. The video features the players jumping around a fake fountain on their practice field. It lists the player's name like actors as well. The video took off on social media and has been a hit! Both the show and football have an incredible fan base, and with the show's 25th anniversary, the Cleveland Browns picked the perfect time to use this promo! 

Be sure to share your favorite football promos you’ve seen in the comments below!